“IPmart takes a new and much needed approach to marketing patents.  Their platform provides a dynamic picture of the context around a patent which is key to understanding  where it fits in today’s world,  creating interest and allowing buyers to more easily find and see value.”
Derek NuhnIP Research Group

What is a patent?

It’s a number with some fancy words.

Some see patents as data points; as numbers in a spreadsheet. Yes, a patent has a number. It also has a Title and an Abstract. This is as far as too much of the marketing goes. Sure, there may be a search engine to find patents fitting a string of keywords. But, at the end of the day you still have to read the patent. Someone still has to wade into the legal and technology minefields and decipher it.

The number, Title and Abstract are all static bits of information. They will not change during a patent’s life. However, the world around a patent changes. It is dynamic. Some technologies become more relevant and others become less relevant. IPmart is built with this dynamic picture in mind.


We supply more information packaged in a dynamic and easy to understand dashboard.

IPmart does not simply pull data. We see patents for what they are: a bit of technology. We know technology and we know how to read a patent. We do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on our intuitive Dashboard. Then, we go further!

  • IPmart’s Vision

    IPmart designed and built a unique Framework for organizing and viewing patents. In it, our view of the patent is front and centre. Then, we build context around the patent. We look at the patent’s surroundings and its place in the world.

  • Summary

    After reading, deciphering and extracting the important bits of a patent, we provide a straightforward, concise Summary. At the same time we build a framework to look at the patent’s surroundings.

  • Patent

    First, we look at a patent’s nearest neighbours. Are there related patents issuing to the lead inventor and assignee? Is there continuing work in the area? What direction is any new IP taking? We also think about some general aspects of the Claims.

  • Technology

    The next step: think about the technology and build context around it. See the bigger picture. Are there articles in the media or Press Releases to which the technology relates? Here, we also provide a snippet of our “Technology Tree” so you can see the surrounding technology space.

  • The Fun Part

    This is where things become more interesting. Patents and technology are all too often siloed, forgetting they live in a technology landscape or ecosystem. We look inside and outside the IPmart system to see a bigger picture. We have quite a few ideas that stem from and build on the IPmart framework.

  • … even more fun

    IPmart leverages its centralized framework. This allows us to see technologies trending within IPmart. It also allows us to make connections to related technologies and see what is occurring within the space? We also think about the patented technology that might be useful to build a larger solution. It is all fair game.


Our solution makes understanding much easier.

IPmart’s approach simply gets you closer to finding patent assets of interest. We do the heavy lifting that brings you closer to understanding a patent and its technology. Then we provide a current view. We are technology experts with patent experience striving to shine a new light on patents. Whether you are a patent novice or a seasoned licensing professional, IPmart gives you a leg-up when looking for patented technology of interest.

Venture Capitalist

Find patented technology that will help a portfolio company. You heard about particular research and think it might benefit a company in your stable, or maybe you are looking to mine IP-rich ideas that could change a market.

Small & Medium Enterprises

Provide technical staff with a leg-up when looking for and understanding patented technology. IPmart speaks their language, technology. Our approach reduces the burden on engineers that may be patent novices.

Chief Technology Officer

A technology group encounters a problem around one aspect of the upcoming product. You are aware of a professor’s research in this area, but you are not sure how close it is and if there are any issued patents. IPmart clearly describes the patented technology, providing insight into its relevance.

Chief Legal Officer

The corporation wants to realize its investment in a technology from a now legacy line of business. You are instructed to license or sell the associated patents. IPmart provides a venue to showcase these assets.

Tech Transfer Office

Ensure your assets have a voice. Each patent tells a story and IPmart ensures it is told. Your assets no longer languish as a line item in a database. At the end of the day you need to make life easier for potential licensees.


See what is going on around you. Are there possible collaborations? Are the other avenues for your research that might compliment or expand on patented ideas?

Our client’s have simple needs. They want to understand a patent, and they want to do this as simply and quickly as possible. These do not change from one side of the licensing equation to the other. The easier this understanding is, the quicker a patent becomes of interest.”
Paul BoldtCEO

Made in Canada

IPmart is a Canadian start-up focused on disrupting patent marketing. We developed a Made in Canada solution to this important piece of the IP puzzle. The key: make patents relevant by speaking their language, technology. Canadian Government and University patents stemming from publicly funded research will be the first beneficiaries of the IPmart approach.